We don't use stickers!

Ever buy a mug or a wine glass from some of the other guys just to find out you have to wash the thing with a baby wipe just to keep the letters or image from falling off? Unfortunately that's what happens when you use vinyl. Anything less than the most gentle of care will eventually leave your mug looking like this...

At Coffee Mugs Never Lie we use a professional grade sublimation process using specific inks and heating systems to ensure your mug will withstand everything from endless cycles in the dishwasher to reheating that coffee in the microwave. The video below shows you how we do what we do. While the products and companies we use are different than what are shown, you'll get the idea.

(All the frame stills to choose from and you chose this one? Shame on you, Conde.)

Give us a try the next time you're shopping for your perfect coffee mug or gift and let us prove to you our mugs will pass the endurance test - and if not, we'll refund your order! The ceramic might be delicate, but our prints are not. 

Brian Muench

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