CMNL Community Support - Fundraiser through July 23rd

It has come to my attention today that a member of our CMNL community needs help paying for their father to stay in assisted living.

From now until next Thursday at midnight I am pledging 100% of ALL profits from ALL sales to this cause. We are hoping to raise about $500 quickly, but anything extra will assist in their needs for the following week.

If you've had your eye on something, now is a great time to go ahead and add to cart. I don't know who needs to hear this, but our mugs are non-perishable so if you want to do some wildly early Christmas shopping, this week is the right week.

Please understand we help when we are able, and our community member not only did not ask for our help but almost flatly refused it. Donations are also accepted if you've already filled your cabinet space up with our products. Please email if you'd like to go that route.

Thank you as always. ✊🏼

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Brian Muench

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