COVID-19 and CMNL: The Blog Nobody Asked For

While I imagine you are super excited to find out how every corporation you've ever given your email to is currently handling COVID-19, I feel like some transparency is necessary. As such, I'll leave this here for you to find and won't spam your email about it.

In all honesty, the production behind CMNL is a one man band. As it's been assumed by customers from time to time, I have no "warehouse", I have no regularly employed staff. I do request the help of others during our busy Christmas season, but that's about it.

That said, CMNL is continuing business as usual. I do fear that we may run out of this-or-that mug option at some point, but that bridge will be crossed as I happen upon it. For now, everything from CMNL will be produced from a clean home office by a healthy individual (me.) 

I understand budgets are tightening and concern is growing - it is for me as well. In any case, people still have their birthday, couples still have their anniversary, mothers still have Mother's Day. Coffee Mugs Never Lie offers around 1,500 products for any unique occasion under $20, and I am happy to ship them directly to the gift recipient and even include a note from the gift giver.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at and you will be responded to promptly as usual. Otherwise stay safe, be smart, we're all #alonetogether. 

Brian Muench

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