The History of CMNL

Welcome to! I hope you're finding what you're looking for... Actually, I hope you've found more than what you were looking for. At CMNL we're constantly striving to provide the internet's largest collection of coffee mugs of all types. My name's Brian, and I do most of the brewing here. I wanted to give a quick look at the history of CMNL, and how we came to be so awesome.

In 2014 I was offered the position of General Manager at a start-up screen printing company in Southern Missouri. During my time there I learned about a lot of printing techniques, including sublimation (which is how we are able to make our professional quality mugs - more on that later). The company focused mainly on t-shirts, and in doing some research, I noticed there are an endless amount of websites selling funny, sarcastic, anything-you-can-dream of t-shirts (i.e. Busted Tees, 6 Dollar Shirts, T-Shirt Hell, the list goes on...)

What I couldn't find as easily was a similar style of online store for coffee mugs. Being the type of person who can't morning without a bold cup of coffee, I decided to take on the task myself. In April of 2016 I built the original on a WordPress platform, but admittedly it wasn't very user-friendly. In January of 2017 I upgraded to the Shopify site you see now and it has already made quite a difference. Within 24 hours of the relaunch we were already making sales all over, including Queensland, Australia of all places.

To date we've had over 1,410 sales via our shop on Etsy, and we currently have 210 reviews with an average 5-star rating.

This year we're also proudly working with Brightside Boutique, and their three locations in Baltimore, Maryland are now carrying a selection of our mugs. They sold out of some of their mugs within the first two weeks and not only re-ordered those designs, but I also worked with them to create some custom designs for their store that I wasn't previously carrying in my own. To find out how you can get our mugs at wholesale prices too, click here. couldn't be happier to be based in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri, and will continue to be so. We purchase our mug blanks from a local company in St. Charles, Missouri, and all of our shipping boxes and bubble wrap are 100% recyclable.

I am dedicated to adding as many designs as my caffeinated brain can come up with as well as some flashy baubles to the website (my current mission is finding an app that will allow you to upload your own artwork and make your own custom mug at a more reasonable price than some of those other guys offer.)

Thank you for stopping by CMNL and I hope you check back often to see what's new. Until then, keep that truth served piping hot.

Brian Muench

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