The Chicken Lovers Gift Guide

We just wanted to take a second and give a quick shout out to the Simple Living Country Gal for featuring our "Cluck Off" chicken mug in her most recent buyer's guide... right along side some fashionable chicken sweaters, a chicken mixer, chicken socks and more!

Her message is one of simplicity: "Simple living…Cutting back and doing less. Clearing out the clutter of our homes and our heads so we can finally take control of our money, our health and our happiness. [Her] goal in writing [her] blog is to provide folks with the basics of starting a journey like ours to live a simple more self-sustaining lifestyle."

You can find her website here and the official Chicken Lovers Buying guide here.

The "Cluck Off" coffee mug mentioned is found on our website here and available in several options:

  • 11 oz. Standard Mug
  • 15 oz. Jumbo Mug
  • 12 oz. Latte Mug
  • 14 oz. Travel Mug

Brian Muench

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