Meet The Julia Kennedy

When I started this project a while back I thought I had taken everything into consideration... what I needed to start up, how to build the website, a solid marketing plan, and so on. Granted, I changed all of that 100 times since then and then 100 times more since that time, but I digress. What I didn't realize was how much the love of coffee brings people together. I've been fortunate enough to work with coffee lovers from Baltimore to Toronto, and I know full well we're just getting started here. One such coffee lover is St. Louis' own fashion blogger, Julia Kennedy.

Julia primarily devotes her blog (find it here) to helping women of all sizes express themselves and offering tips and tricks to make every woman feel beautiful. A novel approach to fashion blogging, without doubt. You can imagine I don't spend a ton of time researching women's fashions blogs, but I would bet that market is pretty saturated with asinine suggestions like "black is the new black" and ideas on what color fingernails one should have when ordering kale. Anyway, Julia has some really refreshing ideas like this one about Secrets for Vintage Shopping

Most recently (I mean literally an hour ago) she shared her favorite places to scratch that coffee itch, some local and some across the United States. A couple of our mugs found their way into the article, which you can find in its entirety here.

The St. Louis Fleur De Lis mug is available here and the new "Goal Digger" mug is available here. As Julia pointed out, we offer our mugs with a variety of different print locations to suit your needs, whether you want a left handed mug like she has or maybe one of each for you double-fisting coffee guzzlers - we have you covered and we certainly aren't judging.

For more on The Julia Kennedy, catch her on Instagram.

Brian Muench

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