Free Shipping, Missouri Travel, Fund-Raising, and More

Summer is winding down, and while I often wonder why I choose to operate our quaint little mug business in a place where we say things like "summer is winding down," the silver lining is that our busiest months are just around the seasonal corner (so to speak).

With that in mind, Coffee Mugs Never Lie has been making efforts to upgrade the shopping experience by providing guaranteed fast and free shipping on all domestic orders. What does that mean exactly? Simple. The price you see is the price you pay - no additional fees are added at checkout (less you live in Missouri where we are required to charge a state sales tax. I can only assume said tax is used towards constant and never-ending highway and interstate renovations that are wildly antonymous to arriving anywhere within the city of St. Louis in a reasonable amount of time. Thank you for your understanding, Missouri residents.)
While most of the construction on Interstate CMNL has been completed and is now allowing traffic as usual (that's a terrible web traffic joke - I'll see myself out in a second) a few of our listings have veered off and found themselves fast in a ditch. We offer somewhere around 1,300 unique coffee mug designs and from what I can gather only about 200 were adversely affected by the switch. We're working to get ourselves back to 100% as soon as possible and we want to apologize if you come across anything that looks out of place.

Recently we've added an Autism Awareness collection and a Breast Cancer Awareness collection and I'll be poking around at doing some benefits for them in the near future.
Keep in mind we are always and forever donating $5 to St. Louis Children's Hospital (specifically, their Area of Greatest Needs) for every Jacob the Penguin coffee mug sold. Because of the generous support we received for Jacob and the Jacob the Penguin mug in 2018 we received a very nice letter of gratitude which can be found hanging on the refrigerator. As our luck would have it, refrigerators are fairly large relative to the size of letters and we have some more space to add another in 2019. If you'd like to contribute but aren't interested in penguins (for the record, they can drink salt water because they have special glands that drain the liquid out of their nose and expel salt - interested now?) you can always donate here.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of our mug project. We hope you'll interrupt our endless search for the perfect cat pun and check in on us from time to time.

Brian Muench

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